Second Life

Mainland Shop Opening

After lots of building trial & error, I’m happy to say my mainland shop & park on Janus is officially open! All my Water Horse items are at the top of the hill, and if you go down the stairs on the right side, I’ve set up a little park closer to the lake. I tried to make it a relaxing place for both humans and horses — there’s a tree tunnel, waterfall and pond with various animations, small open space for riding, lookout point, balloon swing, and multi-level deck area with lounge chairs. I also added a small studio above my shop where I can work on textures and photography. I think it will always be a work in progress though — I am considering buying just bought the land next to it, as it felt a little cramped for riding!

I also made progress on the whole offending prim thing. After not hearing back from the first two people I contacted, I sent notecards to all the group admins I could find. One of them replied and was able to remove the box, so very happy about that! He isn’t able to sell me the land though, and referred me back to the group founder … who seems to never be online. So, more waiting on that, and waiting to retexture the ground until it’s resolved.

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New Sparkle Horns, Antlers, and Hooves

Created a whole bunch of sparkly glitter horns & antlers for the unicorn tonight! These came to be after I didn’t get the glitter coat quite right — on a smaller area they look nice and realistic. It was hard to pick which colors to make though … I originally had ten but managed to eliminate two (for now). I wanted at least enough to show each type of horn/antler in the vendor pictures. I plan to make hoof textures to match these as well 🙂

Update 6/15/2018: Hooves textures are ready!

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Land of Feathers

Spent the day in the land of feathers haha. I created feathers for the five colors in my Fairy Dust collection, plus one to match my rainbow mane & tail!

The rainbow one was tricky though, I had to break the “rules” in the script comments and use a JPG instead of a PNG for the bottom feathers. Since there were multiple colors, the transparency blending between the three sections didn’t work. There was a hard angled line between 2 of the colors instead of a seamless gradient effect.

Despite that, I think everything turned out well — as you can tell in the main image above, mixing & matching all these colors is pretty fun!

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New Mane & Tail Color: Over the Rainbow

As this is the quintessential unicorn color, I’ve been wanting to make a rainbow mane/tail texture for a while (ever since I got Jinx’s draft unicorn set in February)! I think the wavy unicorn mane looks especially awesome since it only uses solid textures — you seem to get more of the full color spectrum that way. In addition, while Over the Rainbow will fit all Water Horse breeds, I only recommend it for the unicorn.

Next on my to-do list is creating leg feathers that match all my mane/tail textures, and updating my older patterns/tattoos to work with the unicorn!

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New Starry Pattern

After a busy week in RL, I’ve created the Starry Pattern by request — designed to match my Starry Tail for the Unicorn! The pattern, of course, is not limited to just the unicorn and will fit all Water Horse breeds.

I ran into some weird texture issues while creating this though. The body & tail patterns used a very similar design, and the body was perfectly fine — but the tail showed up with hard, rough edges in-world. It was as if gradients or opacity were turned off … but as soon as I added more color information to the file, everything looked normal again. I tried relogging, unpacking a new horse, and also getting a redelivery, but to no avail. I eventually just made the tail work, and matched the body to it.

Side note: I wish Water Horse creators were notified when updates are released. I had version 0.7 of the unicorn, but when I received my redelivery the version jumped up to 1.0. The changelog even said a tail tattoo bug was fixed, but it didn’t help with whatever issue I was experiencing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯