Water Horse

Patriotic Everything

After a bit of a break to work on my mainland shop, I’ve added a bunch of accessories to match my Stars & Stripes pattern/tattoo and get ready for the 4th of July. Striped horn/antler and starry tail for the unicorn, mane & tail for the light/draft horses (and sort of for the unicorn), and feathers for all! I also used colors that were very close to the official red and blue colors in the American flag — which are actually darker than I thought — as my base.


The tail was the trickiest, as the way it’s set up on the light/draft horses isn’t very compatible with multiple colors. Once I got the mane done, I realized I needed to make a separate texture for the “tail” piece — this wouldn’t be necessary with a single-color tail. It also took some trial and error to get both of the tail textures to line up and look as convincing as possible. There’s a section that peeks out when the horse is in motion, but standing still it looks okay 🙂

I may make an additional set of unicorn-only mane & tail textures, but we’ll see how these do first!

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