Water Horse

Water Horse Sim Redesign

The Water Horse sim underwent a huge renovation over the past few days, and it’s now open to the public again! It looks a lot better and more professional than it did, with separate buildings for the avatars, riding horses, and animesh horses (coming soon). Plus multiple riding rings and trails to explore. All creators’ shops are now in a big circle instead of streets, which should give everyone equal exposure and be easier to find. Speaking of which, my shop has a new landmark there — come visit and check out the redesign!

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl Shadowfury

Added another creature to my texturing list — the Shadowfury dragon mod from Blue Pearl! The creator asked me a few weeks ago if I’d like to make some skins for her animals, and I of course said yes — and knew my first one would be the Shadowfury. The default skin is pretty much the same as the one in How to Train Your Dragon, so I wanted to completely depart from that and make something new (with scales). The result was a deep blackberry color I decided to name Dragonberry!

I also learned more about making appliers and scripting, and hope to incorporate that into my next releases (where I can). I plan to make more skins for Blue Pearl in the future — just need to decide which mod to do next 🙂


Jinx Centaur

Introducing my first foray into non-horse territory (sort of) — the Jinx Centaur! I have to admit I wasn’t super into centaurs at first, but the Jinx version grew on me and now I’m wearing it everywhere haha 🙂 I especially appreciate it using 2 AOs (didn’t even know you could do that), so upper body movements are still unique.

So far I’ve fitted 2 of my existing Water Horse coats to the Centaur, Ivy Night and Leather & Petals, and I hope to be able to complete one more this week!


New Teegle Shop

In the new year I’ve decided to start making textures for the Teegle Horse as well as Water Horse! These will work with both the Teegle avatar and the new animesh Teeglepet that’s coming out soon.

I plan to convert my most popular items over to Teegle (along with any other requests), starting with my Andromeda Body Coat & Hooves. These are now available in-world and on the marketplace! See the preview below, and then come visit/see a demo at my brand new shop on the Teegle sim 🙂

Update: The Frozen Body Coat & Hooves below are also available!

Process-wise, the UV map for Teegle is different than Water Horse (of course), so it takes a bit of finagling & reworking. But no eyelid or HUD textures to worry about, and the horse comes with a built-in shine slider, so you don’t need to create a specular layer.

The applier creation steps are also a 180 from WH — no copying UUIDs and editing code (mostly dragging scripts into a cube & following their instructions). The only negative I’ve run into is the applier scripts don’t always function if I need to fix something after hitting the “finish” button.

Anyway, I love the expressiveness of the Teegle and its emotions & animations, and am looking forward to the Teeglepet release. I just wish the gait sounds were in sync with the hooves hitting the ground!