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Freckled Peach

Haven’t updated this blog in almost 2 months … I think I need to start blogging about new releases again! Throughout July I moved my studio to a new parcel (because prims), and created a brand new summery body coat for both Water Horse and Teegle! Titled Freckled Peach, this coat includes specular shine and lots of light & dark spots.

The WH version is already available, and the Teegle version premiered today at Driftwood! To visit my booth directly, teleport here.


Teegle Eyes & Unicorn Horns

After getting myself a Unicorn Teeglepet at Fantasy Faire — which I love — I have a renewed energy to make Teegle textures! Last weekend I converted my Solstice Eyes to Teegle, and this week played around with the unicorn applier so it can add my glitter Sparkle horns (without affecting the fluff).

Photoshop-wise, the eyes take up a bit more of the canvas than Water Horse, and need to be rotated 90°. I always find it amusing when textures are not oriented the same way in SL as they are in Photoshop. For example, moving the eye up in Photoshop moves it to the left in SL. Imagine if we needed to do that while making body coats! Of course I have no idea if it was intentional by the creators, but I’ve noticed it in multiple brands.

The horns were pretty self-explanatory, but bigger than Water Horse’s so I needed to update my textures a little bit. I’m excited to finally add some new vendors to my Teegle shop!

Events · Teegle · Water Horse

Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire 2019 is here! This is my first year being part of the Faire, so it’s been a crazy couple of weeks trying to finish everything I wanted to finish, plus decorate my shop space. I’m on the same sim that Jinx is sponsoring (Faireholm), which is a nice bonus! A handful of other horse creators also ended up there.

I’ve created 2 different items (1 in five colors), for a total of 6 vendors that have 100% of their sales going to Relay for Life! Some of my family members have been directly affected by cancer, so I wanted to have more than the minimum of 2 RFL vendors. For all bento and animesh Water Horses, I have a new Muted Mist body coat collection — inspired by Faireholm’s sun theme:

Then for Teegle, by request, I’ve converted my Literary Chalk tattoo over from Water Horse:

Visit my shop directly here! Then take a stroll around Faireholm (built by Kayle Matzerath), and take in all the Faire & creator amazingness that awaits you. I’m especially excited for the debut of Teegle’s new unicorn Teeglepet!

The Faire runs from today at 12 pm SLT until May 5th. For a complete list of all the events, sponsors, designers, and so on, visit Fantasy Faire’s official site!


New Teegle Shop

In the new year I’ve decided to start making textures for the Teegle Horse as well as Water Horse! These will work with both the Teegle avatar and the new animesh Teeglepet that’s coming out soon.

I plan to convert my most popular items over to Teegle (along with any other requests), starting with my Andromeda Body Coat & Hooves. These are now available in-world and on the marketplace! See the preview below, and then come visit/see a demo at my brand new shop on the Teegle sim 🙂

Update: The Frozen Body Coat & Hooves below are also available!

Process-wise, the UV map for Teegle is different than Water Horse (of course), so it takes a bit of finagling & reworking. But no eyelid or HUD textures to worry about, and the horse comes with a built-in shine slider, so you don’t need to create a specular layer.

The applier creation steps are also a 180 from WH — no copying UUIDs and editing code (mostly dragging scripts into a cube & following their instructions). The only negative I’ve run into is the applier scripts don’t always function if I need to fix something after hitting the “finish” button.

Anyway, I love the expressiveness of the Teegle and its emotions & animations, and am looking forward to the Teeglepet release. I just wish the gait sounds were in sync with the hooves hitting the ground!