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New Items for the Creator Faire!

The Water Horse Summer Creator Faire is now open! Over the past couple weeks I’ve created 3 new products for all Water Horse breeds. The first is an ocean-inspired complete texture set called Sea Horse:


This set includes 4 pieces: Great Waves body coat, Sandy Shores pattern/tattoo with hooves, Ocean Breeze mane & tail, and Ocean Breeze feathers. These can be bought individually or as a package, and are perfect for riding on the beach!

The second and third products are leather-inspired body coats, with delicate lace patterns/tattoos that can be turned on or off:

Leather & Lace
Leather & Petals

Leather & Lace is more edgy and bold, while Leather & Petals is more classic and neutral. I had fun with these since they’re a little different!

I’ve also added my Watermelon coat as a free gift in my booth, plus a customer loyalty discount for all in-world purchases (something I appreciate when shopping myself). Once a spending threshold has been reached, you receive a permanent discount 🙂

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Patriotic Everything

After a bit of a break to work on my mainland shop, I’ve added a bunch of accessories to match my Stars & Stripes pattern/tattoo and get ready for the 4th of July. Striped horn/antler and starry tail for the unicorn, mane & tail for the light/draft horses (and sort of for the unicorn), and feathers for all! I also used colors that were very close to the official red and blue colors in the American flag — which are actually darker than I thought — as my base.


The tail was the trickiest, as the way it’s set up on the light/draft horses isn’t very compatible with multiple colors. Once I got the mane done, I realized I needed to make a separate texture for the “tail” piece — this wouldn’t be necessary with a single-color tail. It also took some trial and error to get both of the tail textures to line up and look as convincing as possible. There’s a section that peeks out when the horse is in motion, but standing still it looks okay 🙂

I may make an additional set of unicorn-only mane & tail textures, but we’ll see how these do first!

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New Sparkle Horns, Antlers, and Hooves

Created a whole bunch of sparkly glitter horns & antlers for the unicorn tonight! These came to be after I didn’t get the glitter coat quite right — on a smaller area they look nice and realistic. It was hard to pick which colors to make though … I originally had ten but managed to eliminate two (for now). I wanted at least enough to show each type of horn/antler in the vendor pictures. I plan to make hoof textures to match these as well 🙂

Update 6/15/2018: Hooves textures are ready!

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Land of Feathers

Spent the day in the land of feathers haha. I created feathers for the five colors in my Fairy Dust collection, plus one to match my rainbow mane & tail!

The rainbow one was tricky though, I had to break the “rules” in the script comments and use a JPG instead of a PNG for the bottom feathers. Since there were multiple colors, the transparency blending between the three sections didn’t work. There was a hard angled line between 2 of the colors instead of a seamless gradient effect.

Despite that, I think everything turned out well — as you can tell in the main image above, mixing & matching all these colors is pretty fun!

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New Mane & Tail Color: Over the Rainbow

As this is the quintessential unicorn color, I’ve been wanting to make a rainbow mane/tail texture for a while (ever since I got Jinx’s draft unicorn set in February)! I think the wavy unicorn mane looks especially awesome since it only uses solid textures — you seem to get more of the full color spectrum that way. In addition, while Over the Rainbow will fit all Water Horse breeds, I only recommend it for the unicorn.

Next on my to-do list is creating leg feathers that match all my mane/tail textures, and updating my older patterns/tattoos to work with the unicorn!