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New Items for the Creator Faire!

The Water Horse Summer Creator Faire is now open! Over the past couple weeks I’ve created 3 new products for all Water Horse breeds. The first is an ocean-inspired complete texture set called Sea Horse:


This set includes 4 pieces: Great Waves body coat, Sandy Shores pattern/tattoo with hooves, Ocean Breeze mane & tail, and Ocean Breeze feathers. These can be bought individually or as a package, and are perfect for riding on the beach!

The second and third products are leather-inspired body coats, with delicate lace patterns/tattoos that can be turned on or off:

Leather & Lace
Leather & Petals

Leather & Lace is more edgy and bold, while Leather & Petals is more classic and neutral. I had fun with these since they’re a little different!

I’ve also added my Watermelon coat as a free gift in my booth, plus a customer loyalty discount for all in-world purchases (something I appreciate when shopping myself). Once a spending threshold has been reached, you receive a permanent discount 🙂

Click to teleport!

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New Additions: Blaze & Kaleidoscope

Yesterday, I finished Blaze, a new fiery pattern that includes leg, hoof, and unicorn tail textures! It came about after I discovered how to make realistic fire while working on another coat — and can’t say no to that 🙂


Then today, I finished Kaleidoscope, which is my first coat with a colored/iridescent specular layer (instead of a monochrome one). I was inspired after noticing the same effect on a mesh unicorn figurine — it had a regular base design, and then a completely different design that only appeared where the light hit it. I wondered if I could do a similar thing with Water Horse, so started messing around with layer effects. It took me a while to get the right intensity, plus design the base coat in a way that still looked good on its own (for those using lower graphics settings). I definitely like the end result!




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New Coat: Ivy Night

For this one, I’d had an idea for a few days to make a coat with ivy, but it turned out completely different in the end! I think I was in a plant mood after doing so much landscaping at my mainland store — but I like the mix of spots, leaves, and dots with black and white. I also played around with windlight in the photos … trying to find one with nice shadows that wasn’t outrageous and still looked natural.

It’s also nice to take pictures at my own place for a change, instead of searching other sims for the perfect backdrop 🙂

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New Coat: Cotton Candy

Created a new coat, Cotton Candy, this morning! Wanted to do something light and pastel and blended, and this is what I came up with after playing around in Photoshop for a while. A bonus is all of my Fairy Dust mane/tail textures go with this coat color 🙂

I also just saw Water Horse’s announcement about their Fantasy Creator Faire in August. Sounds like fun, and Lunistice will definitely be participating!

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Long Weekend Releases

Created a few more body coat & tail textures over the weekend!

Pink Haze was originally my attempt at making a glitter coat. When I couldn’t get the glitter effect quite right, I added white appaloosa-esque markings and thought it looked a lot better!
Midnight Smoke is a simple black coat with light wispy swirls along the body. I wanted it to be streamlined with the swirls almost horizontal when the horse/unicorn is extended at a gallop. After adding the kirin antlers and deciding to go mane-less for photos, the unicorn almost looks like a deer!
I came up with the Starry Tail idea after deciding to go mane-less for the photos above. When not wearing a mane, the unicorn tail doesn’t really need to have hair … and I thought stars would be a nice, ethereal replacement.