Water Horse

New Pattern: Vampire Bat

To get the Halloween season started (along with every store in RL), I’ve released a new pattern/tattoo titled Vampire Bat! This went through a few iterations as I was working on it, as there were points where it was being stubborn and not looking how I envisioned … but, I eventually broke through the “artist’s block” 🙂 I especially like the spikiness of the wing bones paired with the veins within, and how it looks like the inside of the horse from far away!

In main store news, over the weekend I moved a few things around to make room for a holovend demo rezzer! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but it’s very time-consuming to set up as the horse essentially needs to be “put together” for every single item. To make it a little easier, this first rezzer contains body coats only. I plan to make a second one for patterns/tattoos, but still deciding if I need one for smaller things like unicorn horns. To see it in action, teleport over and head up the stairs!

Water Horse

Twisted Fall 2018 Hunt

hunt-posterI’m participating in the bi-annual Twisted Fall 2018 Hunt, and their theme this season is “inferno.” I’ve gone along with this and created a new body coat called Tangled Flames! In addition, for those who complete the entire hunt, there is a special room at the end with even more prizes. I’ve added my Blaze pattern there since it makes a nice addition to Tangled Flames 🙂

The hunt lasts from September 1st – 30th, so be sure to check it out. To start the hunt, visit the Twisted HQ sim!

Water Horse

New Body Coat: Pluto

Just released Pluto, a new body coat inspired by NASA’s New Horizons images of Pluto taken in 2015! Last week marked 12 years since it was demoted to dwarf planet, which is something I’ve always been a tiny bit bitter about (since I was raised on the solar system having nine planets haha). So this is a mini tribute to Pluto, and even includes a small heart like the heart-shaped feature on the real thing.

Water Horse

White Pattern Gacha

This gacha — my first one — is a collection of 10 white patterns/tattoos for all the Water Horse riding horses. It’s available at the Second Chances Equine Rescue fundraiser this weekend, now through Sunday night! 100% of all proceeds will be donated directly to SCER.

I’m not the biggest fan of gachas that allow duplicates and rares, so I’ve made this one as fair as possible! All the products are equal in value, there are no rares, and it won’t give someone the same thing twice. In addition, due to how the Water Horses are scripted, all gacha item permissions are copy, no mod, and no transfer (but are available for redelivery if needed).