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New Additions: Blaze & Kaleidoscope

Yesterday, I finished Blaze, a new fiery pattern that includes leg, hoof, and unicorn tail textures! It came about after I discovered how to make realistic fire while working on another coat — and can’t say no to that 🙂


Then today, I finished Kaleidoscope, which is my first coat with a colored/iridescent specular layer (instead of a monochrome one). I was inspired after noticing the same effect on a mesh unicorn figurine — it had a regular base design, and then a completely different design that only appeared where the light hit it. I wondered if I could do a similar thing with Water Horse, so started messing around with layer effects. It took me a while to get the right intensity, plus design the base coat in a way that still looked good on its own (for those using lower graphics settings). I definitely like the end result!




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New Starry Pattern

After a busy week in RL, I’ve created the Starry Pattern by request — designed to match my Starry Tail for the Unicorn! The pattern, of course, is not limited to just the unicorn and will fit all Water Horse breeds.

I ran into some weird texture issues while creating this though. The body & tail patterns used a very similar design, and the body was perfectly fine — but the tail showed up with hard, rough edges in-world. It was as if gradients or opacity were turned off … but as soon as I added more color information to the file, everything looked normal again. I tried relogging, unpacking a new horse, and also getting a redelivery, but to no avail. I eventually just made the tail work, and matched the body to it.

Side note: I wish Water Horse creators were notified when updates are released. I had version 0.7 of the unicorn, but when I received my redelivery the version jumped up to 1.0. The changelog even said a tail tattoo bug was fixed, but it didn’t help with whatever issue I was experiencing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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New Pattern: Raindrops

Right before the release date of the Water Horse Unicorn was announced, I finished a new pattern! Called Raindrops, it was inspired by the constant rain I’ve had for the past week in RL (and a few occasions of getting drenched). It wasn’t easy to make the raindrops realistic, and I went back and forth between different sizes — too large and they looked funny, too small and they just looked like dots. They still vary depending on the lightness of the base coat, but I think this is a happy medium!

I also had some issues with the textures not showing up correctly (i.e. transparency not working or the colors appearing jagged), but as soon as I unpacked a new horse things showed up fine again. With patterns I tend to change the base coat more often to make sure the overlay looks good, so maybe that affected something? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That being said, mark your calendars — the new unicorn is being released grid-wide on Saturday, May 26th at 2 pm SLT!

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New Pattern: Stars & Stripes

Finished a new coat variation last night: Stars & Stripes! Instead of making a complete coat, this is just the pattern layer that sits on top of the body/base coat. So it’s easy to put on and take off, which is preferable for seasonal things like Memorial Day or the 4th of July. Speaking of which, this was inspired by going shopping a few days ago in RL and seeing red, white, and blue merchandise in all the stores. I knew I wanted to do something patriotic, so I came up with this brush stroke design and transparent stars.

Technique-wise, this pattern was another new product for me. The left & right sides are separate images (instead of the right being a mirror image of the left), so I had to pay more attention to the seams, colors, and make sure both sides lined up and looked like one piece. I think I’ll make more pattern-only designs soon!